Richard Dawkins

British evolutionary biologist, ethologist, atheist, humanist and sceptic

I Clinton Richard Dawkins, FRS, FRSL (mibait 26 Marzo 1941) metung yang Ingles a ethologist, evolutionary biologist[1] ampong talasulat libru. Emeritus fellow ne ning New College, Oxford,[2] ampong megi yang University of Oxford Professor for Public Understanding of Science manibat 1995 anggang 2008.[3]

Richard Dawkins
I Dawkins anyang 2010 king Cooper Union king New York Lakanbalen
I Dawkins anyang 2010 king Cooper Union king New York Lakanbalen
MibaitClinton Richard Dawkins
Marsu 26 1941 (idad 79)
Nairobi, Kenya Colony
Alma materBalliol College, Oxford
Doctoral talausukNikolaas Tinbergen
Doctoral magaralAlan Grafen, Mark Ridley
Bantug kengGene-centred view of evolution, concept of the meme, advocacy of atheism and science
AyasagCharles Darwin, Ronald Fisher, George C. Williams, W. D. Hamilton, Daniel Dennett, Bertrand Russell, Nikolaas Tinbergen, John Maynard Smith, Robert Trivers
Bantug a galalZSL Silver Medal (1989)
Faraday Award (1990)
Kistler Prize (2001)


a. ^  I W. D. Hamilton tutu yang maragul impluwensya kang Dawkins, at mayayakit ing kayang impluwensya king libru nang Dawkins, ing The Selfish Gene.[4] Mikaluguran la king Oxford, at kamate nang Hamilton kanitang 2000, sinulat neng Dawkins ing kapabalwan king kayang pangamate (obituary) at mig-organisa yang secular memorial service.[5]

b. ^  Miyari ing dibati king mosyon a "That the doctrine of creation is more valid than the theory of evolution" mesambut ya king botung 198 laban king 115.[6][7]


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