Michael Haneke

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I Michael Haneke (Pangayagkas a Aleman: [hɑːnɛkɛ]; mibait 23 Marzo 1942) metung yang direkor pelikula ampong talasulat script a Austrian. Papalto no kareng kayang pelikula deng prublema ampong kakulangan king makabayung sosyedad. Megobra ne king telebisyon, teatro ampong pelikula i Haneke. Kilala ya murin king pamagdiskursu tungkul kareng pisasabyang pangsosyedad king kayang obra.[1] Besides working as filmmaker he also teaches directing at the Filmacademy Vienna.

Michael Haneke

I Michael Haneke king 2009 Cannes Film Festival.
MibaitMarsu 23 1942 (idad 78)
Munich, Germany
Banuang aktibu1974–salukuyan
AsawaSusanne Haneke (1983-salukuyan)

Anyang 2009 Cannes Film Festival, simbut ne ning pelikula nang The White Ribbon ing Palme d'Or para king pekamayap a pelikula (best film), at king 67th Golden Globe Awards sinambut yang Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film. King banwang 2012, minuna reng pepalage ing kayang pelikulang Love, a mekipagkumpitensya ya iti king 2012 Cannes Film Festival.[2][3] Ikwa nang sinambut Palme d'Or niting pelikula, a meging kadwa nang pamanyambut king matas a uring galal a iti kilub ning atlung banwa, at uli na niti, mibili ya king makabukud a kategorya a bibilugan da reng pitu mû, kayabe la reng kalupa nang Francis Ford Coppola.[4] Ginawa neng pelikula kareng amanung Frances, Aleman ampong Ingles.


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