Max Planck

German physicist, quantum theory

I Max Planck (Abril 23, 1858 – Octubri 4, 1947) metung yang Aleman physicist. Makikilala ya bilang mitatag keng quantum theory, ampong metung kareng pekamaulagang physicists na ning pang20 dilanu o siglu. I Planck mirinan yang galal a Nobel Prize keng Physics inyang 1918.

Max Planck
Max Planck.png
MibaitAbril 23 1858(1858-04-23)
Kiel, Holstein
KematyanOctubri 4 1947 (maki edad a 89)
Göttingen, West Germany
InstitusiunUniversity of Kiel
University of Berlin
University of Göttingen
Alma materLudwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Doctoral talausukAlexander von Brill
Doctoral magaralGustav Ludwig Hertz
Erich Kretschmann
Walther Meißner
Walter Schottky
Max von Laue
Max Abraham
Moritz Schlick
Walther Bothe
Julius Edgar Lilienfeld
Bantug kengPlanck constant
Planck postulate
Planck's law of black body radiation
Bantug a galalNobel Prize in Physics (1918)
Kasalpantayanan kabilianLutheran[1]
Max Planck's signature
He is the father of Erwin Planck who was executed in 1945 by the Gestapo for his part in the July 20 plot.

Ing pirma nang Max Planck inyang apulung banua ya.
I Planck bilang baintau ya, 1878
I Planck inyang 1918, banuang tinanggap yang Nobel Prize keng Physics keng obra na keng quantum theory
I Max Planck pepakilala ne i Albert Einstein kambe ning kayang Max-Planck medalia, Berlin Juniu 28, 1929




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