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Rodolfo Valentino "Rudy" Padilla Fernandez,[1] screen name Rudy Fernandez (born Rodolfo Padilla Fernandez; March 3, 1952 – June 7, 2008)[2] also known as Daboy, was a multi-awarded Filipino actor and producer. He came to prominence as an action star in the Philippine cinema during the 1980s up to the early 1990s.


Fernandez was born at 8:36 PM on March 3, 1952 at Mary Johnston Hospital in Tondo, Manila, He Is Eldest the son of the late film director Gregorio Fernandez.[2][3] Both his parents were from Lubao, Pampanga, which he considered his hometown.[4] He made his film debut at the age of three, appearing in Luksang Tagumpay (1956), which was directed by his father. He also appeared in another film of his father's, Emily (1960).

Fernandez started his active film career while a student at the University of Santo Tomas, when he was signed to a contract by Sampaguita Pictures in 1970.[3] He was first featured by Sampaguita Pictures in For Your Mama (1970), then paired with Connie Angeles in Sweet Matutina (1970). Fernandez spent the next few years in teenage parts until he made his breakthrough as an action star with Bitayin si Baby Ama (1976).[3] His viability as an action star was further enhanced with the box-office success of Ang Leon, Ang Tigre at ang Alamid (1979).[3]

Beginning with ..Baby Ama, a biopic of a well-known Filipino criminal, Fernandez specialized in portraying true-to-life characters. One of his notable action films is Markang Bungo (Skull Mark), a film based on a true story, where he portrayed the well-known Baguio City police officer Bobby Ortega, was released in 1992. From this film came a signature line of Fernandez's, "Walang personalan, trabaho lang" ("Strictly business, nothing personal"), which has since been cited as among the most memorable quotes in Philippine cinema by QTV's Ang Pinaka television program.[5] Iligpit si Bobby Ortega, Markang Bungo 2 (Execute Bobby Ortega, Skull Mark 2) is a sequel that was released in 1995. Aside for portraying a real police officer, he was cast in the lead roles for the biopics of Filipino politicians Alfredo Lim, Vincent Crisologo, and Ping Lacson. In the film Lagalag: The Eddie Fernandez Story, he starred as Eddie Fernandez, a Filipino actor during the 1970s and the father of Pops Fernandez.

With the decline of production of Filipino action films during the 2000s, Fernandez turned to television roles. In the short-lived GMA Network sitcom Da Boy, en Da Girl, he starred opposite Rosanna Roces. He also played as a supporting role in other TV series in GMA like Twin Hearts and Atlantika. He was also the host of the docu-drama "Kasangga".


Fernandez has won two FAMAS Best Actor awards for the action films Batuigas...Pasukuin si Waway (Batuigas...Make Waway to Surrender) (1984) and Operation: Get Victor Corpuz, The Rebel Soldier (1988).[3] In addition to these wins, FAMAS has also nominated Rudy Fernandez an additional 13 times from 1976 to 1998.[6] He also won two FAP Best Actor awards for Batuigas... and for Birador (1998).

The Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) bestowed the 2008 Ulirang Artista Lifetime Achievement Award to Rudy Fernandez, at the 24th Star Awards for Movies. He was also the recipient of the Film Academy of the Philippines FPJ Lifetime Achievement Award.[7] In 2007, FAMAS awarded him the Fernando Poe, Jr. Memorial Award.[6]

Personal lifeAlilan/I-edit

Fernandez hometown is Lubao, Pampanga.[4] He came from famous Padilla showbiz clan in his maternal side. Robin Padilla, Rustom Padilla, Gino Padilla, are his cousins and Zsa Zsa Padilla is a niece . He has one son, Mark Anthony Fernandez, with former partner Alma Moreno and two sons, Raphael and Renz Marion Fernandez with Lorna Tolentino, his wife. his grandson Grae (son of Mark Anthony) joined showbiz


During the 2001 elections, Fernandez ran for mayor of Quezon City under the banner of the Puwersa ng Masa. Although he garnered most of the votes in District 2 where the voters were composed mostly of indigent citizens, he lost in the remaining three districts and was defeated by then-House Speaker Sonny Belmonte of the People Power Coalition.[8]

Illness and deathAlilan/I-edit

In 2007, it was revealed by Lorna Tolentino on Startalk that her husband had been diagnosed with periampullary cancer.[9][10] Fernandez underwent treatment in Tokyo, Japan.[11] After a healing Mass on May 10, 2008 by several friends at the Christ the King Church, Quezon City, he was rushed to a San Juan City hospital for back pains.[12][13] The Sun Star reported that Fernandez was actually suffering from pancreatic cancer, instead.[14]

Fernandez died from periampullary cancer at his home in Quezon City on the morning of June 7, 2008.

His remains were brought to The Heritage Park in Taguig City, and his interment took place on June 12, 2008 at 3 p.m. for his burial.[15][16]



Title Year Role Notes
Luksang Tagumpay 1959
Emily 1960
For Your Mama 1970
Patayin ang Dugong Tirador 1974
Bitayin Si Baby Ama 1976 Baby Ama
Bongbong 1976 Mando
Wanted: Agad-Agad 1976
Makahiya at Talahib 1977 Arturo Clemente
Alfredo Lim: Sa Kamay ng Ibabaw 1977 Alfredo Lim
Gameng 1977 Wilfredo J. Gameng
Bilangguan Walang Rehas 1978
Teteng Salonga ng Tondo 1978
Isang Araw Isang Buhay 1979 Arturo "Boy Ginto" Porcuna
Maynila 1979
Nuwebe De Pebrero 1979
Tatak Angustia 1980 Rene
Sa Init ng Apoy 1980
Pader at Rehas 1980
Deadly Brothers 1980
Pepeng Shotgun 1981 Pepeng Medrano
Ulo ng Gapo 1981
Lukso ng Dugo 1981
Kosa 1981
Kumander Kris 1981 Abdul
Tres Kantos 1982 Edgar
Bagong Boy Condenado 1982 Boy Condenado
Mga Pambato 1982 Peping Guwapo
Ang Tapang Para sa Lahat! 1982 Alex
Get My Son Dead or Alive 1982 Lt. Renato Parraguas/Ka Rene
Kumander Elpidio Paclibar 1982
Sumuko Ka na Ronquillo 1983 Ronquillo
Kumusta Ka na Hudas? 1983
Alex San Diego: Alyas Wanted 1983 Alex San Diego
Kunin Ang Ulo ni Magtanggol 1983 Rufo Magtanggol
Idol 1984
Sarge 1984
Montemayor: Tulisang Dagat 1984 Montemayor
Kriminal 1984
Somewhere (1984 film) 1984 Silvio Logarte
Kahit Ako'y Lupa 1984
Batuigas: Pasukuin Si Waway 1984 Waway
Anak ng Tondo 1985 Berting de Jesus
Bilang Na ang Oras Mo 1985 Bobby
Baun Gang 1985
Tatak Munti 1985
Calapan Jailbreak 1985
Sangley Point Robbery (The Day They Robbed America) 1985
Tatak ng Yakuza 1986
Deadly Target 1986
Teritoryo Ko Ito 1986
Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa! 1986
Humanda Ka, Ikaw ang Susunod! 1986
Vigilante 1987
Victor Corpuz 1987 Victor Corpuz
Tubusin ng Dugo 1988
Sandakot na Bala 1988
Ipaglalaban Ko 1989
Ayaw Matulog ng Gabi 1990
Kaaway ng Batas 1990 Lt. Bobby Sandoval
Bingbong: The Vincent Crisologo Story 1991 Vincent "Bingbong" Crisologo
Kahit Buhay Ko 1992 Marco
Kamay ni Cain 1992
Markang Bungo: The Bobby Ortega Story 1992 Bobby Ortega
Kung Kailangan Mo Ako 1993 Elmo
Tumbasan Mo ng Buhay 1993
Nagkataon Nagkatagpo 1994 Gomer
LAGALAG: The Eddie Fernandez Story 1994 Eddie Fernandez
Matimbang Pa Sa Dugo 1995 Carlos
Markang Bungo 2: Iligpit Si Bobby Ortega 1995
Kuratong Baleleng 1995
Itataya Ko Ang Buhay Ko 1996 Edmund Rosario
'Wag na Wag Kang Lalayo 1996
Ayos Lang Pare Ko! 1997 Turo
Birador 1998 Mike Santana
Ginto't Pilak 1998 Ben Pilak
Palaban 2000 Major Jack Morales
Ping Lacson: Super Cop 2000 Panfilo "Ping" Lacson
Diskarte 2002 Jake
Hula mo Huli Ko (his last movie appearance)[17] 2002 Inspector Randy Tuazon Last film appearance


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