Prinsipe George ning Cambridge

I Prinsipe George ning Cambridge (George Alexander Louis;[fn 1] mibait 22 Julio 2013) ing anak nang Prinsipe William, Duke ning Cambridge, ampo ning kayang asawang i Catherine, Dukesa ning Cambridge, ampo ing bukud a apu nang Charles, Principe ning Gales, ampo ning kayang mumunang asawa, i Diana, Princesa ning Gales. Ya ing katlung makatuking magmana king tronu ning kayang apu king tud, i Elizabeth II, kaibat ning kayang ingkung ampong tata.

Prince George
Kumpletung lagyu
George Alexander Louis[fn 1]
House House of Windsor
Tata Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
Ima Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Mibait 22 Juliu 2013(2013-07-22) (age Template:Age for infant)
St Mary's Hospital, London, England


  1. The Royal Family name. The Official Website of the British Monarchy. The Royal Household. Retrieved on 24 July 2013.


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Prinsipe George ning Cambridge
Born: 22 July 2013
Lines of succession
Minuna kaya
The Duke of Cambridge
Line of succession to the British throne
3rd position
Menalili kaya
Prince Henry of Wales

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